About Us

About Us

Our Mission


Today, the architecture and built environment is a progressive team working, sharing ideas about finding better architectural solutions, and so better contributing with the idea of an enhanced human world and environment. For us, architecture is not only a self-fulfilling prophecy as an administration but a social interactive cooperation with clients, workers and professionals.

NUB Means:

• In Persian: Pure and represent of the highest quality.
• Designed to be useful or practical rather than just attractive.
• “Neo Utilitarian Brain” which refers to Neo Utilitarianism philosophy. Utilitarianism is an ethical and philosophical theory that states that the best action is the one that maximizes utility. Since the idea of our Art and Architecture is constituted on ethical and moral prophecies, we chose the prefix of Neo for Utilitarianism to indicate our team’s utilitarian actions are mere radically based on real talents and true virtues (behavior showing high moral standards) of the team we work together. Indeed this is not what we could see in neglected old political utilitarianistic organizations or administrations, we believe todays malfunction. NUB attitudes guarantee our best cooperation. We believe NUB is all about cosmopolitan responsibilities and our architectural and dearchitectural attitudes towards Built-Environment and the importance of the architecture intelligence (brain).

NUB Team

Ali Mollamohamadi

Founder and CEO of NUB / Senior Architect

Ayoob Abootorabi

Architect / Designer I / Project manager

Mehdi Ghorbanzadeh

Construction Superintendent / Civil Engineer

Monireh Maghani

Junior Principal / Senior Architect/Designer II

Mohammad Arian Nasab

CG Artist / Illustrator / Junior Architect