Jolfa Restaurant – Vank Cathedral Street

Jolfa Restaurant – Vank Cathedral Street

Jolfa Restaurant-Vank Cathedral Street
Gentrification and Rehabilitation
Master Studio II

Tutor: Prof. Farhad Ahmad
Assistant Tutor: Arch. Ali Basiri
Location: Jolfa Alley, Hakim Nezami St, Isfahan, Iran

Having practiced a handful of details under supervision of Professor Farhad Ahmadi (which is one of the most renowned Iranian architecture fames) and his assistant Architect Mr. Ali Basiri, we gathered a good experience of detail and team designing. Also this master course made it possible for students to contribute more accurately and thoroughly with such historical contexts.
The MSc Architecture second course was set in a valuable historical context of Jolfa in Isfahan where each of the students were supposed to develop his or her own block relevant to their surrounding context and to change, intervene and improve the “Immediate Interference Zones” of each block. All the projects must be developed simultaneously with regards to create some public and semi-public “communicative zones” to intensify the interactive spaces for tourists and the inhabitants in the Vank Alley and through Jolfa urban context.
My contribution to this design study was to rehabilitate the north section of the Jolfa parking building (block E) to Jolfa café-restaurant by considering the ground floor as the Jolfa cafe and upper floors for a duplex restaurant which had a unique subjugation to Vank Cathedral courtyard.
During several stages this studio design has developed:
• Traditional features: After exposing the status quo structures, the walls and concrete column faces covered by thatch-pasty materials (Iranian Kahgel and Simgel materials) and the flooring obtained the square historical 20*20 cm KhataE brick Blocks to imply a tune sense and feeling of the traditional context.
• Modern gesture: Using the revolving frameless glasses for the restaurant large window frames and armed-glass slabs for flooring the structure-span frames, made the interior and exterior environment transparent enough to reflect against the lightness of the Vank Cathedral context. Plus it has intensified and brought an interactive vicinity to the Alley and a modern look to the elevation.
• Façade concept: Adapting a prefabricated shading façade as for respond to climatic and environmental aspects in one hand, and to respond the skyline and the integration of the background for the foreground activities head on the project on the other hand was an important issue to reply.
• Dynamic landing: Considering the ground floor as the Jolfa cafe, the sidewalk integrated into the Ground floor to make it look more a dynamic space and to increase the sense of an immediate communicative zone.

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